We point out that for the purpose of an easier shopping process and a subsequent contract, the following data of the user will be stored on our server: your company name, name of ordering person, delivery address, way of payment and VAT-number if available.

There is no transfer of your data to third parties, except for the transmission of your credit card information for the purpose of payment of the purchase price and transmission of you address for shipping.

After the completion of virtual shopping or you canceled the purchase process all cookies previously set by our site will be deleted.

The data processing and storage of data is done on the basis of statutory provisions of § 96 TKG and § 8 DSG.

The data “Company”, "Name", "Address" and "credit card number" will be stored until the end of the order and delivery process.

This site uses the following cookies:

This cookie is set when you start shopping. It stores a random text used to identify your webbrowser, so that you can access your shopping-cart. This cookie is also used to protect against xsrf-attacks.
At the end of the purchase process, this cookie will be removed from your system.
Normally, you can also manually remove this cookie using the options menu of your webbrowser (see browser help for details), but this will clear you shopping-cart.

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